Xbox Series X: Price Announcement In September?

Meanwhile, Microsoft is continuing its expansion behind the scenes, and the stronger next-gen console’s release date might have leaked.

„Expect news about other Xbox stuff that’s been going around recently to come a bit later. Stuff that was planned for this month pushed to next month,” Shinobi, a reliable insider, wrote on the ResetEra forums. He wrote this after Microsoft announced that Halo Infinite will not come out this year (and that will likely impact Xbox). So the Xbox Series S/Lockhart announcement, plus the price reveal of the Xbox Series X, will thus possibly happen in September. Microsoft might be too confident, and Sony might swoop in to take the glory…

In the annual, obligatory US Securities and Exchange Commission filing, discovered by Klobrille, an Xbox insider, there’s an interesting paragraph: „Our gaming platform is designed to provide a variety of entertainment through a unique combination of content, community, and cloud. Our exclusive game content is created through Xbox Game Studios, a collection of first-party studios creating iconic and differentiated gaming experiences. We continue to invest in new gaming studios and content to expand our IP roadmap and leverage new content creators. These unique gaming experiences are the cornerstone of Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service and gaming community with access to a curated library of over 100 first and third-party console and PC titles.”

In other words, they are still on the lookout for more studios, and since Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, previously expressed interest in an Asian expansion, maybe they found someone in that region. Perhaps it could be announced shortly.

„[The] Xbox Series X may launch on November 6th. A tipster tells me boxes of the new controllers have a do not open date of November 6th on them. These controllers leaked earlier this week,” The Verge’s Tom Warren wrote on Twitter, with the photo below. Do not sell or display before November 6…? And the guarantee ends after a year. It ends on November 5, 2021…

It falls in line what Microsoft said (November release window for the Xbox Series X), and that day falls on a Friday. The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One both launched on a Friday in November 2013…

Source: WCCFTech, WCCFTech, DualShockers

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