Watch Dogs Legion : La Permadeth facultative

Similarly to The Last of Us Part II (which was mentioned the other day for this reason) and DOOM Eternal, Ubisoft‘s game won’t skip this option either.

Recently, Clint Hocking, Watch Dogs: Legion‘s developer Ubisoft Toronto’s creative director, has held a Reddit AMA (ask me anything), where he mentioned Permadeath in detail. Let’s see what he had to say: „Permadeath is an option in the main game, so you do not have to play with Permadeath on. Either way, you can choose to use one character throughout the game – as long as they are not arrested or hospitalized (or killed), you can stick with the same character throughout – except for a couple of instances where you might need someone specific.

If you are playing in Permadeath Mode, and all of your characters are Dead or simultaneously Arrested or Hospitalized, and you have none left, the game is over and you will need to restart from the beginning. Permadeath can be turned off (but not back on) in the options menu at any time. Whether you are in Permadeath or not, operatives can be arrested or hospitalized, which takes them out of action for a while, but you can recruit people to reduce that time (such as Doctors or Police Officers who can get your operatives back faster). However, it’s not part of Multiplayer because we found very early that there was too much potential for griefing and randomness that didn’t add to the fun of the game. We’ll talk more about multiplayer soon,” Hocking wrote.

Watch Dogs: Legion is out on October 29 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC (UPlay / Epic Games Store, and it will likely require a constant Internet connection, but it will at least have Denuvo in it). The PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X will also receive it, possibly as a launch title.

Source: WCCFTech

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