Serious Sam 4 – That’s How The Game Lost Its Subtitle [VIDEO]

Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass – how the original title sounded like. We make an attempt to explain why the title has been changed.


Serious Sam 4 is hitting stores this month, ready to dish out shots and explosions equally. A title that, when it was announced a few years ago, had the name of ‘ Serious Sam 4: Planet Badass ‘, but which has now removed the subtitle for its final release. What is the reason? Before anyone thinks of possible censorship or the like, the truth is that it is a very different reason.



On the game’s Steam page, and according to Kotaku, a user explains one of the possibilities. Apparently, the nickname ‘Planet Badass’ did not finish curdling among some fans, who saw it as a “silly” name and showed their complaints constantly on Croteam‘s Discord server. In fact, the user comments, there was a person who dedicated himself to spamming day in and day out with an image of Randy Pitchford wearing glasses with the message “Badass” printed on it, asking for the name to be withdrawn.

Translating Planet Badass keeping the original idea is impossible” – Daniel Lucic, Croteam

Still, the reason for his withdrawal was not this. It was something so simple, that its developers did not know how to translate it. “We are going to localize Serious Sam 4 to multiple languages,” Daniel Lucic, Croteam’s communications manager, tells Kotaku. “In speaking with the [translation] teams, we concluded that translating Planet Badass while keeping the original idea of ​​the name is practically impossible. I guess it’s the same as with any pun, it only works in its original form.



Apparently, the name ‘Planet Badass’ had a relationship with the plot, beyond being a name with grace. Lucic explained that since Serious Sam 4 takes place during the beginning of an alien invasion on Earth, the only people who have not been enslaved and are still fighting are “badasses”, which makes their setting a planet. of tough guys (Planet Badass) in the most literal sense.



And this cannot be translated as is to the rest of languages, as Lucic explained. This is nothing short of curiosity, of course, and Serious Sam 4 will continue to offer a planet full of tough guys and explosive combat when it debuts on PC and Stadia on September 24. An adventure that already showed its playability with an action-packed gameplay trailer during the Devolver Direct, and that recently offered us another look with a video loaded with shots, explosions and a Papamovil mecha.

Source: 3DJuegos

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