Indivisible announces that it will not receive any more content due to the disappearance of Lab Zero Games

505 Games has reported this decision and many players are upset.

In recent months, one of the most notorious scandals in the video game world has featured the independent studio Lab Zero Games. The study, responsible for Skullgirls and Indivisible, ended up disappearing, after the resignations of several of its workers due to the alleged abuses that the CEO, Mike Zaimont, would have committed on some workers and the subsequent massive dismissal of the members.

Well, this week we have added a new chapter to the mess. Indivisible has been edited by 505 Games and has announced, in a statement posted on Twitter, that the game will not receive any more content. This has angered many players, who will not get the guest characters that were planned (an addition that was going to introduce the protagonists of Shantae or Shovel Knight, among others) and for which they had paid. Also, the characters designed by the patrons will not arrive either.

505 Games has confirmed at least that the Nintendo Switch version will receive an update on October 13 that will match it with the rest, because the game was out of date in the hybrid and without knowing the developers. This new patch will introduce New Game +, new challenges and cooperative mode.

The video game came out last year and it is an RPG with a lot of personalities, with high difficulty and different gameplay, elements that gave it a score of 8 from us. Although Lab Zero Games has disappeared, some of the workers exited from the company formed a new studio called Future Club, which aims to create 2D games.

Source: VG247

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