The Coalition says it is easier to bring games to Xbox Series S than to PC

The creators of Gears Tactics have talked about developing for the Xbox ecosystem and they don’t see a problem.

With less than a month to go until the start of the new generation, there is an open debate about whether the different options that Microsoft has presented can be a problem for developers. The difference in power of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S has made some people believe that the potential of Series X will not be exploited, since it could be weighed down by Series S, something that David Cage said for example.

The good thing about the consoles for developers is that the system is closed and, unlike on PC, the settings are always the same. With the Xbox ecosystem, which has the new consoles and the Xbox One family, the debate about the ease or not to develop for them is there. The Coalition company has spoken on the subject and does not see a problem in this matter.

In an interview with The Verge in which the study talks about how it has brought its new game Gears Tactics to the console, The Coalition has expressed that, although Series S exists, the process of bringing a game to Xbox consoles is much simpler than in PC. “It is more difficult to make games for PC. […] My workplace has a stack of GPUs. There is a lot of hardware in PC. […] It is more difficult, but it is also fun,” explained Cam McRae, technical director of The Coalition.

“For us, because we’ve made some PC games and we understand how to scale for all that hardware, when it comes to seeing the full range of Xbox, we can scale our game really well because we already know how. […] Closed hardware is always easier, even if there are two or three [systems]. It is still much easier than tons of combinations on PC, “McRae insisted.

As a curiosity, The Verge has asked the developers if Gears Tactics is better on Xbox One X or Xbox Series S, beyond the fact that the One X will reach 4K, since Series S does not have that option. “It’s better on the S Series. […] The CPU is much better on the S and X Series and we have much more ability to draw things. Although the GPU is responsible for drawing, we still have to get it out of the CPU, and in the Xbox One X you will see that the visual quality is not as high as in the S Series in performance mode, “said McRae. Gears will Tactics consoles on Nov. 10 and is one of the launch games Xbox X and S Series.

Source: The Verge

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