Will There Be A Nintendo Switch Pro? NoA President Responds

Doug Bowser, who might be in the Nintendo of America presidential position due to his name, explained what the big N’s mentality is.

Bowser talked about the subject with Polygon – there were rumours about a stronger Nintendo Switch model that could use DLSS 2.0 to enable the hybrid platform to do upscaling to 4K. However, what the successor to Reggie Fils-Aime said was something different: „First, we’re always looking at technology, and as we know, technology is constantly evolving and changing. And we’re always looking at what is coming to determine: How can it enhance and improve the gameplay experience? And whether that’s on a current platform, or whether that’s on a future platform, we’re always looking at that.

However, we also see right now — and we just talked about it — that the momentum on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite in the fourth year is strong. And we believe we’re changing the trajectory of another typical console life cycle. And we will continue, for the foreseeable future, to lean into both of those platforms and the content that comes with it, because it’s the symbiotic relationship that makes the real difference. And it’s why Nintendo Switch is so differentiated,” Bowser said. Well, seeing how the Switch outsold the PlayStation 5 in the United States in November (then again, the PS5 had a lack of stock), they might be right about it.

„The hardware form factor is something — that you have a gaming system that you can play at home as a console, and you can take on the go and play in handheld mode virtually anywhere — is unique and remains unique within the industry. But then the way we build games onto the platform, and the way partners build games onto the platform, is really what matters and the experience that you have when you play. So that’s what we’ll continue to lean into as we go into really what will be the fifth year of Nintendo Switch. And as Mr. [Shuntaro] Furukawa [the president of Nintendo] mentioned in his corporate management policy briefing, we believe we’re just at the midpoint of this life cycle on this platform,” he added.

Bowser also confirmed that the quick success of the Nintendo Switch allowed them to manage the life cycle differently, but their focus will be on the existing form factors. That sounds like the big N doesn’t plan to have a new Nintendo Switch model out any time soon.

Source: WCCFTech

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