Josef Fares Prefers Sony’s Strategy

The film director turned game designer Fares, who often tends to have blunt comments, considers Sony’s strategy to be better than Microsoft’s.

Fares prevously got into the news over what he said at The Game Awards (and we have to properly quote it: „f___ the Oscars!”), and recently, he used his quite uniquely worded opinion to say how he considers the Xbox Series’ naming convention hard to follow. We rarely see such „no punches held back” people in the gaming industry nowadays.

Now, he was interviewed by GamingBolt, and here, he praised Sony‘s strategy of single-player, story-focused games, but he also did not negatively mention Microsoft‘s [Xbox] Game Pass: „I don’t care about consoles, for me, it’s always been focused on games, games, games, games. I mean, right now I’m much more a fan of Sony’s strategy because they make more unique IPs and focus more on games that I enjoy that are story-heavy. So I hope Microsoft goes that way. I mean, with Game Pass, I’m not sure what that’s going to give.

I mean, if there are no games that make no sense. Doesn’t matter, you know? Another thing, I don’t see it as a war as well. Like looking at how [Xbox boss] Phil Spencer talks about this, it seems more that he wants Game Pass to get on PlayStation 5 also. But at the end of the day it’s about games,” Fares said. So he doesn’t openly say he dislikes what Microsoft is doing, let’s clear that up right away.

His next game, It Takes Two, will follow the same cooperative-focused formula as his previous title at EA Originals (Electronic Arts’ indie label), A Way Out. This game will launch on March 26 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PC (Steam, Origin), PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: PSU

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