Fatshark Doesn’t Consider The Xbox Series S As A Hindering Factor

We hear a positive comment about the Xbox Series S for once.

We previously heard from others that they don’t like the new small Xbox for lacking memory or performance. However, Martin Wahlund, the CEO of Fatshark, said positive comments about the Xbox Series S to GamingBolt: „While the Xbox Series S will be yet another platform to contend with that will take some time in testing and quality assurance, many developers nowadays are used to a much more dynamic ecosystem of hardware. Even in the console space, we have had different tiers of the same consoles for many years.

The way Xbox Series S differs from Xbox Series X (memory amount and GPU horsepower, mostly) is for us much easier to adapt to than to for example the wide variety of PCs out in the wild or the way that the previous generation of consoles differed. Less memory and slower GPU are things that most game developers can dynamically scale for by scaling resolutions and graphics effects, while different storage solutions or widely varying CPU performance are much harder to adapt to. All in all, we don’t think that the Xbox Series S will significantly limit the game development progress as a whole in any way,” Wahlund said.

He also talked about the studio’s next game, Warhammer 40,000: Darktide, which will be an Xbox Series S and X console exclusive (aside from a PC version). Wahlund revealed why they went with Xbox: „We have worked with Microsoft for many years, and they are a great partner. We are very happy with what we’ve been doing together with them with Vermintide 2, so now we’re building on that and will be doing more exciting things with them in the future. Also, it’s no secret, releasing on multiple platforms takes time, and we are ensuring that we can do a simultaneous release to PC and Xbox this way.”

The Xbox Series S is indeed a good cheap way to go next-gen, we can’t deny that.

Source: WCCFTech

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