Tripwire Interactive Introduces A Next-Gen Work Model

Tripwire Interactive, which recently released Maneater, introduced a flexible work model for all its employees.

The model, according to them, is called the „Next Gen Work Model,” which was designed to foster creativity, work/life balance, and flexibility for all employees, both existing and new. The coronavirus global pandemic has forced studios to work from home, and it led to many people wondering how it would be possible to work from the other side of the planet.

Other subjects also popped up, such as the crunch, the work/life balance, and the creative cultures in game development studios. All of these have been an issue, especially in AAA companies. However, Tripwire’s Next-Gen Work Model is named as such. After all, it is designed to move game development into the future because it offers its employees the ability to customize their plans for both in-office and at-home work. They can choose any variation of a hybrid schedule, fully remote, or fully in the office, to best fit their own lives and creative needs.

„By allowing flexible hybrid on-site/remote work plans we’re providing the best of both worlds with the collaborative and relational benefits of in-office work and the quality-of-life benefits of remote work. With offering this flexible hybrid, full time remote, and full-time on-site work options we’re serving the desires and needs of next-generation teams,” said Tripwire CEO John Gibson.

It’s a permanent addition, effective immediately to not only those who already work there but also for those who plan to join Tripwire. And now, anyone can join the team, as long as they have the skills and requirements needed to fill a position they apply for.

Tripwire plans to keep its headquarters, which is located in Roswell, Georgia (in the United States), and their move might be something other companies should consider. If a personal presence is not needed to complete the tasks, remote work is just as effective.

Source: PSL

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