The Last Of Us Part II: Abby Can Kill Tommy [VIDEO]

Naughty Dog‘s game had a bug left in it, which confirms that nobody and nothing is perfect.


The Last of Us Part II launched over a year ago, exclusively on PlayStation 4, and we highly suspect a PlayStation 5 version in the works (or if not, it’s likely going to get a standalone Factions mode on the new console, as the base game did not get a multiplayer mode, despite having one in the first TLoU). In case you plan to play the game and haven’t done so yet, we’d say that heavy spoilers follow from the next paragraph onwards. Read further at your risk.

In The Last of Us Part II, Abby takes a golf club to beat poor Joel to a bloody pulp. However, she doesn’t stop there. She follows up with killing Jesse as well. There’s a bug that allows her to also kill Tommy, the brother of Joel, which isn’t something that Naughty Dog intended for us to do. It can happen during the sequence where Abby and Manny are chasing Tommy as he snipes them from a distance. Tommy eventually kills Manny, leaving Abby with a 1v1 situation.

Abby isn’t meant to kill Tommy. It’s not part of the script. However, the video below, by Speclizer, shows that you can indeed catch up to Tommy, but he’s going to need quite a few hits before he bites the bullet. Jan „Gabby” Llanillo, the senior quality assurance lead of Naughty Dog, confirmed on Twitter that it is indeed a bug that results in a soft lock.

She identified the bug and it was marked as „fixed” at the time by the studio, adding that killing Tommy would not allow us to progress in the story (therefore, it is a soft lock). „I pretty much just vaulted over everything to catch up to him and avoided his shots since that would slow you down. I’d also use the diving to crawl mechanic to maintain movement while dodging his shots,” she wrote, adding that she’d consider this as a „high-priority” bug, which is difficult to reproduce.

And yet, not even proper QA can save us from some bugs as such.

Source: PSL

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