Ghost Of Tsushima: Details Regarding Iki Island Have Leaked!

While Ghost of Tsushima is preparing to be expanded (which will also make it a cross-gen title, making the jump from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5), Sucker Punch’s game got some leaks regarding the new location and the extras it will bring.


The leak comes from Reddit from someone, who claims to be a quality assurance tester. The leaker explained that they have previously worked with other „prestigious companies” in the past, including „EA Sports, Naughty Dog, and Suckerpunch[sic].” (Aside from the typo, EA Sports is prestigious in… casino games?)

The leaker claims that the Iki Island expansion will add around 15-20 hours of new gameplay, with a „well-thought-out” plot that was interesting and in many ways „better than the main story of the game.” The post added that Iki Island will be the size of „Tsushima Island’s bottom portion.”

There will be new Heavy Armor Sets, a new Medium grade armour with bow and melee perks, „unlike anything else in the game.” It also „looked different.” The new Light grade armour will come with increased stealth and bow damage, as well as a 25% faster attack speed, plus its „hooded outfit” resembles old ninja shows.

The torch mechanic will be used to complete a storyline cave mission, the three new horse armours can be coloured, plus there will be dozens of new charms, some of which can transform Jin’s appearance to look like Lord Shimura and Young Jin. There will also be new shrines, rainbows, flute tunes, enemies and Mongol types, as well as a new fighting stance that mixes sword attacks with acrobatic kicks. And there will be upgrades for swords and bows. The short bow now has a zoom feature upgrade.

None of this is official. Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut will launch on August 20 on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 (and this IS official).

Source: PSL

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