Metroid Dread celebrates its 35th anniversary with a new story trailer full of mystery

The long-awaited 2D Metroid 5 is coming to Nintendo Switch this autumn.


Today is a special day for space bounty hunters. Today marks the 35th birthday of Metroid, the Nintendo franchise that, unlike a bunch of other games, is getting a new instalment much sooner than we thought at the beginning of the year. Metroid Dread announced during E3 2021 is coming to Nintendo Switch this fall as a direct sequel to Metroid Fusion. An adventure that can’t miss a date like this! That’s why Nintendo has released a new Metroid Dread story trailer, full of mysteries and unknowns.

The trailer contains plenty of clues for Samus Aran‘s most loyal fans, who will undoubtedly scrutinise every frame. What we’ve also discovered is that the trailer is certainly 35 seconds long for a reason… It seems that the video in question was released a few hours earlier than planned, as it was only uploaded to Nintendo’s YouTube channel in Japan, and not as a public video, but only as an “unlisted” video.

The ‘Big N’ was most likely going to share it on their networks this afternoon, so we’ll see if there are any surprises for Metroid’s 35th anniversary alongside the trailer. Metroid Dread, announced two months ago, will be available for the hybrid console on October 8. It’s being developed by the Spanish studio MercurySteam, responsible for the Metroid: Samus Returns remake.

This will be the ‘Metroid 5’ that fans have been waiting for years and will bring this arc of the 2D Metroid story to a close, as new chapters are already in the pipeline. We’re still a few months away from getting behind the wheel of Samus Aran in the new adventure, but if you want all the details, don’t miss the Metroid Dread trailer!

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