Xbox X Series: the 4K UI is finally here, and Insiders are testing it!

Unfortunately, there’s no word on whether this new UI will be available on the Xbox S series. No exact release date has been announced yet.


Microsoft has today started testing the new 4K UI for the Xbox X series. The Xbox Insiders team is conducting these tests as part of the Alpha and Alpha-Ahead programs. The changes were aimed at improving not only the overall look of the interface but also the elements that are displayed within it.

The Xbox testing team, via the official Xbox brand blog, notes that “this change means that the home screen, guide and other areas of the UI will be displayed in native 4K resolution to improve image detail and make the text easier read”.

Insiders can now enjoy this preview from last year in full quality:



The Xbox X Series UI, both in general look and feel, has run at 1080p resolution. The change will only be noticeable on 4K displays and monitors, but those who have already seen the difference think it’s going to be quite an improvement!

However, there are still a few questions. We don’t know whether the new interface will take advantage of the HDR technology integrated into the various displays, and Microsoft hasn’t confirmed whether the Xbox Series S will also get the new interface. Although it is the cheapest console Xbox has ever launched, it is also supposed to be capable of displaying 4K resolution content.

There’s no tentative release date for the 4K UI either; we’ll have to wait and see.

Source: Xbox News

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