Halo Infinite and Battle Pass only give XP for challenges

The Halo games themselves do not provide experience points for the pass, only the challenges. That is if those challenges don’t run out…


The rise of gaming as a service means that concepts like “Battle Pass” have become more common. Each season of content offers a series of levels to progress through as you unlock rewards of all kinds. In some games, all you need to do is play matches to earn experience points to progress. Not in Halo Infinite. Xbox and 343 Industries‘ highly anticipated shooter won’t offer XP for playing. Instead, players will have to complete challenges to progress in the Battle Pass.

It’s similar to games like NBA 2K21 and MyTeam mode, which encourages players to complete daily and seasonal challenges to earn XP instead of simply playing. However, it seems that some specific challenges require a certain number of games to be played or won for everyone to progress smoothly. As John Junyszek explained on Twitter, “Playing and winning games will be challenged to help players progress through the Battle Pass.



“While this means that we won’t be giving XP per game in the release, you will always be able to progress through the challenges,” the developer states. In response to some fans’ concerns that they might run out of challenges to progress through after the Halo Infinite beta, Junyszek said, “There was a bug in the technical test that caused people to run out of challenges. Our current plans for release, while not ‘endless’, mean that it will be extremely difficult to exhaust the daily challenges. I wouldn’t say ‘impossible’ as there are some very dedicated players, but I would be surprised,” he added.

So it looks like you’ll have a hard time running out of daily challenges if you want to progress in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode. Master Chief‘s next adventure will be available on December 8 with the campaign and its multiplayer mode, but without the co-op campaign and Forge mode.

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