Starfield: Xbox says it will be exclusive now and forever

Xbox marketing director Aaron Greenberg has confirmed that Bethesda’s space adventure will not be a temporary exclusive. Despite rumours that it will not be released for PlayStation.


Marketing terms such as ‘launch exclusive‘, ‘console exclusive‘ and so on make it increasingly difficult to know whether a game is genuinely exclusive. And while companies often use these terms to obscure the true exclusivity of an announcement, there are times when the word means what it means. With Starfield, the next big adventure from Bethesda and Todd Howard, Xbox has made it clear that the game will be exclusive to its ecosystem: for PC and Xbox X and S series, bundled with Xbox Game Pass.

However, some still doubt the Xbox exclusivity of Starfield, despite Bethesda now owning it. On Twitter, one user speculated that Starfield might be coming to PlayStation 5 in the future, based on a snippet of an interview with Pete Hines. In response to this post, Aaron Greenberg, the brand’s head of marketing, said that Starfield would be released “exclusively” on Xbox.



As mentioned initially, “will be exclusive” is typical terminology that can lead to misunderstanding. And in response to another user’s warning, the Xbox chief was keen to reiterate that Starfield will be exclusive to his platform now and forever, in case anyone was in any doubt: “We’ve tried to be as straightforward as possible; this is not a temporary exclusivity, it’s simply the game being made here [on Xbox].



With Xbox’s acquisition of ZeniMax, the Redmond company has already made it clear that Bethesda’s upcoming games will be available exclusively on Xbox Game Pass, a PC, mobile and Xbox console service that can be subscribed to for £1 for the first month. This will also apply to future games such as Starfield, while titles such as Deathloop will retain their existing temporary exclusivity on PlayStation. Starfield’s premiere is still a long way off, but we got a glimpse into its universe last week with three new concept videos of the cities.

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