Suda51 Wishes To Create Three New IPs In Ten Years

Goichi Suda, better known as Suda51, revealed what he wants to work on in the next decade via the studio he founded (Grasshopper Manufacture).


Suda51 was the guest of IGN Japan’s No More Heroes III launch live stream called Garden of Madness. Here, he detailed his plan until 2021, but No More Heroes is not part of it. We wrote about its end recently.

“Over the next ten years, we have three original IPs that we’re going to be creating. It’s a 10-year plan. Of course, other things are coming beyond those, but I have five projects that I currently have to work on, so we’re going to launch the new IP one title at a time.

Though I would also like to do something based on a Marvel property, maybe a movie with Shatterstar as the main character—well, there’s also Deadpool, but perhaps a more [Grasshopper Manufacture]-like character? Shatterstar should be good then. Or how about my personal favourite, Quicksilver, as the main character—or Shatterstar? That would be fun, yeah? (Laughs.) Or, hmm, maybe (laughs) Venom would also be good? I want to try my hand at a Marvel property one day.

Nonetheless, here at Grasshopper, I want to strengthen our original IP and offer our fans new games to play. So please look forward to them. First, we’ll focus on making these three games over the next ten years,” Suda51 said. He has plans aplenty, but regarding Marvel, it’s not up to him…

Deadpool would work beautifully under Suda51’s hands. No More Heroes is a hack’n’slash series after all, and let’s face it, Suda51 can be a little kooky (albeit positively!), so pairing him up with Deadpool could be an excellent idea. Perhaps Disney should contact him.

Source: Gematsu

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