The Saga of The Killed 3090 Cards Continues With Answers From EVGA!

It seems that the manufacturer has also investigated whether New World did brick their EVGA 3090 cards or not, as it caused quite a stir within the gaming community


Back in July 2021, when Amazon’s New World Closed Beta was in progress, reports were popping up about the expensive and rare to buy EVGA 3090 Geforce graphics cards getting bricked while playing the Closed Beta.

After many articles and youtube videos on the internet, the maker of the video cards decided to investigate the issue thoroughly. The result is that it was not the videogame that caused this problem, but “poor workmanship” related to early batches of the cards.

About two dozen cards were confirmed to be “dead”, but the company investigated the matter and determined that soldering issues caused the problem via X-ray examination.

EVGA confirmed that all of the failures reported to them were all related to just their 3090 line of products.

Users affected by this defect were all shipped replacement cards, and the company has compared that the affected number of the cards to be minimal and not a massive number, roughly less than one per cent of the cards sold.

Furthermore, no issues have happened since the developers of Amazon’s New World added a frame limiter to a patch’s main menu, and hopefully no further big issues will happen with 3090 Cards around New World in the future when the Full Game Launches on the 28th of September 2021 on PC.


Source: PCWorld

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