Sonic Colors Ultimate is not so Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch

Due to a buggy launch, Sonic Colors Ultimate is getting some flak on social media from people who bought the game.


Sonic Colors Ultimate is a remastered version of the original game that was released on the Nintendo DS nearly ten years ago. The remaster was released on the PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch. However, on the Nintendo Switch version, the game soft locks, has crashes and has some pretty trippy visual glitches, as shown by users’ posts on Twitter:

The saddest part is that the Nintendo Switch version does not feel like a remaster and has minimal enhancements with a 30 FPS limit compared to the Console and PC versions.

Sega has not made any announcements or comments about the state of the Nintendo Switch port of Sonic Colors Ultimate, nor any updates if there would be a patch soon to fix these issues.

However, it is a massive disappointment for customers if they bought it for Switch with these problems. This is a 40 USD game, which is not cheap for a game that barely received any upgrades in terms of visuals and performance for the Nintendo Switch.

Maybe a patch will bring not just bug fixes but also some much needed graphical enhancements, as this is a pretty poor value for money from Sega.

Sonic Colours: Ultimate releases officially on September 7th, but fans who pre-ordered the digital deluxe edition have been able to unlock the game early on September 3rd.

Source: VGC

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