After Six Years, GTA Underground, Another Mod Bids Adieu

Take-Two’s litigious (and therefore not exactly fan-friendly…) mentality may have closed the door on the GTA Underground mod here as well.

Yesterday, we talked about how Take-Two, the publisher of Grand Theft Auto games, filed a lawsuit against the modders who reverse-engineered Grand Theft Auto III (Re3) and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (ReVC) to allow further modding of the two-decade-old GTA games. It was the beginning: Grand Theft Auto Underground also decided to stop, even though this mod was a significant one content-wise.

GTA Underground had many of the 3D Rockstar games’ locations placed on a single, continuous map, including the world of Grand Theft Auto III, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Manhunt, or even Bully on a single world. However, the NPCs, the vehicles, and the traffic needed work by the modders, not to mention the Carcer City of Manhunt: that game was linear, and the maps of the levels were stitched together. For instance, the segments that would have tied the locations to each other would have been parodies of Atlanta or Chicago.

“Due to the increasing hostility towards the modding community and imminent danger to our mental and financial well-being, we officially ceased the development of GTA: Underground and have taken all of the downloads offline. We want to thank the community for the immense support they’ve given us for the past years and our talented modding team for the incredible work, dedication and great times we had together,” said the statement accompanying a video entitled “The End.” Their comments seem to hint at Take-Two’s mindset.

The project’s developers confirmed that they want to make their unique game and use the UndergroundDev YouTube channel for updates on that work. And this is the second time how Take-Two showcased this weekend how it can ruin its reputation. GTA: San Andreas’ Chaos mod, where the Twitch integration allows viewers to vote for the game’s negative or positive effects, expands on the original game by a significant amount…

Source: PCGamer

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