MGM: IO Interactive And James Bond Is A Perfect Pairing

According to MGM, which owns 007 Agent, they couldn’t have found a better studio to create a new game (and origin story) for James Bond than Danish studio IO Interactive.


We’ve known about Project 007‘s existence for roughly ten months, as IO Interactive and MGM (whose sale to Amazon is currently pending!) announced in November 2020 that after Hitman III is completed, the Danish studio is going to work on another agent wearing a suit. Project 007 is a codename for now, but it’s confirmed to have a young James Bond as the protagonist, meaning he won’t be the experienced, wily secret agent we see in the films.

Gamesindustry interviewed Robert Marick, MGM’s vice president of global consumer products and experiences, and Matthew Suser, the director of interactive business development. “When you look at James Bond, for instance, the opportunity to be able to tell an origin story and express that in terms of the quality that fans expect, we needed a console partner to be able to help tell that story. We’re not here for a quick buck; we’re here for what extends the brand,” Marick said.

“It all comes down to identifying the right development partner. IO is the authority in stealth and agent-oriented games, so they truly were a dream come true in terms of studios to partner with on James Bond. They have a deep, deep passion for the IP, and they’re extraordinarily talented. It’s a match made in heaven, IO Interactive and James Bond, and we’re working on something we think is going to be very special for fans,” Suser added.

Hitman III launched in January, and we should expect 2-3 years to see Project 007 hit the store shelves. Marick’s “we’re not in it for the money” comment can also be interpreted as confirmation of them NOT rushing IO Interactive, who thus will likely release the game in 2023 at the earliest on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC… unless Amazon acquires MGM and turns the project into an Amazon Luna-exclusive, which could be a bad move.

Source: WCCFTech

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