Skabma Snowfall: a beautiful game that takes us to the last natives of Europe

Set in the culture of the northern Sami people, Skabma Snowfall tells the exciting story of a young shepherd boy. The game is a true cultural mission to preserve tradition.


Red Stage Entertainment has unveiled Skabma: Snowfall, a beautiful narrative adventure game set in the legends of the Sami culture. The game is a departure from the usual stories set in a northern setting, games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or the successful Valheim have always been inspired by Viking culture.

In Skabma: Snowfall, however, we follow a young Finnish shepherd boy, Áilu, searching for a runaway reindeer. The young shepherd’s life takes a turn when he stumbles upon an ancient drum containing the wisdom of the Sami healers, the Noaidi. We must search for the four familiar spirits as we reconnect with nature and seek the source of an infectious disease plaguing those around us.



The owl, Skuolfi, the bear Guovza, the fox Rieban and Camsa, the trout, are our confidants who give us different powers that influence our movements and with which we can repair the chaos that is spreading across our land. The drum will take the lead through the power of the familiars it unleashes as we explore a beautiful world of unique natural landscapes.




The whole story is closely tied to the folklore of the Sami people, an indigenous people of northern Europe, which will be present throughout the adventure, including the cinematic scenes in which the characters speak entirely in the Sami language. The film will also include a soundtrack depicting Sami culture, with traditional Sami singing by Hilda Lansman. The game is scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2022 and can be added to your wishlist on Steam now.

Source: Steam

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