Here is the new Arcane trailer: Piltover and Zaun battle

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the LPL, Riot Games is releasing a new trailer for the Arcane animated series, showcasing unique aspects of the League of Legends world.


The League of Legends universe is vast. This is based on the history of all the champions and the events that led them to participate in some of the bloodiest battles in their world. After Riot became one of the most famous MOBAs in the genre, raking in millions of dollars in tournaments, Arcane surprised everyone with its announcement: here is the animated series that gamers have been waiting for.

After a few months of silence – a period highlighted by a trailer showing new details from the series – Riot is back with a new video that reveals the main story of the series. We already knew that the story would revolve around the lives of Vi and Jinx in Piltover and Zaun, but the new footage reveals that there’s much more to the story behind the siblings.



Some want a better life. Others can’t imagine a better life. Zaun’s poverty and criminality clash sharply with Piltover’s royal and haughty values, creating a dichotomy that unfolds throughout the animated series. What begins as an uncontrollable phenomenon becomes a revolution of Zaun to invade Piltover, ready to defend itself with all its might. And during this conflict, Vi and Jinx, as their League of Legends backstory suggests, will play a key role.

In light of this, the new Arcane trailer is filled with Jinx’s explosions, Vi’s strikes, armed guards, civilian casualties and the conflict between the two societies are just some of the consequences of the revolution that will undoubtedly bring one of the cities down. And while there are no champions other than the aforementioned sisters, several characters related to Piltover and Zaun will likely appear, such as Caitlyn, Ekko, Ziggs and Jayce.



Regardless, the trailer suggests that players eagerly anticipate the premiere of the whole series, which will be released on Netflix sometime this fall. In the meantime, there’s no doubt that League of Legends will offer all kinds of content, from the base game’s tactical strategy modes to more card-based games like Legends of Runeterra. Until then, and to learn about the characteristics and history of the champions, there’s nothing better than playing LoL.

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