Rumour: Alan Wake Remastered Runs On a New Engine and Supports Ray-Tracing

Alan Wake Remastered might just not be a simple upresolution job but could run under Northlight Engine, which powered Control.


Just nearly two days ago, we wrote about Alan Wake Remastered being leaked by a couple of online retailers – You can read about that news here in full detail. One key aspect that was not elaborated upon was what engine might be used for the remaster.

Well, over at, they have sources (not listed) confirming that the Remastered version will be under the engine used for Control.

The following is stated in the rumour:

-Alan Wake Remastered will use the Northlight Engine by Remedy Entertainment, previously used in Control.
-The game supports ray-tracing for reflections on PS5, Xbox Series, and PC, but not on last-generation consoles.
-There is no Nintendo Switch version. While we haven’t heard from our source about it, maybe a Cloud version can happen like Control.
-Last-generation consoles will benefit from higher resolution and QoL changes but no ray-tracing.
-The remaster will support 60 FPS.

Alan Wake Remastered will be announced this week, according to analyst Daniel Ahmed. It would be a great introduction to the Remedy Game Universe for PlayStation/Xbox and PC players since the original game is quite dated graphics and sound quality.


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