Star Fox Zero on Nintendo Switch would be possible if it depended on Platinum: this would be its relaunch

The latest instalment in Nintendo’s iconic space battles saga was released on WiiU in 2016.


Nintendo is well known for leaving many iconic sagas in the drawer, and although Star Fox had not suffered that fate, its latest instalment of 2016 for WiiU seems to have chilled Nintendo’s interest in the franchise quite a bit. The delivery of WiiU was carried out by Platinum Games, which after a great The Wonderful 101 that knew how to take advantage of the use of the WiiU remote like few others, wanted to replicate the game with Star Fox.

Star Fox Zero opted for a different control than we were used to in the franchise, using the WiiU remote as the second point of view to play with, representing the view from the cockpit. Despite being a brave proposal to integrate the WiiU hardware and put a twist on the gameplay of the series, the control felt unintuitive and many users took too long to get hold of the controls.

Despite the control, the game felt frantic both visually, soundly and especially playable, something that Platinum has us accustomed to and that became the strong point of the game. Unfortunately, from Nintendo, they have not given signs that the saga will have a new close training, something that even one of its veteran creators, Giles Goddard, recently accused .

However, Platinum has spoken in a statement for VGC in which they have shown interest in bringing Star Fox Zero to Nintendo Switch. The game was developed with Platinum Games working alongside Nintendo and with Shigeru Miyamoto overseeing the project. Atsushi Inaba, studio director, confirmed that he was interested in making a new version of Star Fox Zero for a possible relaunch on Switch, but recalled that any changes would depend on Miyamoto.

Inaba confessed that much of the division that was generated with the game had to do with the control system, something that was born from the nature of the WiiU hardware and that could be eliminated in a version for Switch. Inaba has acknowledged that there were many discussions between Platinum and Nintendo, but being an intellectual property of Nintendo, it was important to respect the decisions of Miyamoto, a situation that would remain if the port were given. There have already been several figures related to the saga that await the return of Fox McCloud in a game for Nintendo Switch, it only remains to wait for Nintendo to bring the saga back.

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