Dead By Daylight – Pinhead Is Here To Tear Your Soul Apart!

A new killer has joined the hunt for survivors in Dead By Daylight, and this time it is none other than Hellraiser’s Pinhead.


Dead By Daylight is full of original killers, but it also has its fair share of licenced killers such as Pyramid Head, Michael Myers, and even Ghost Face. The latest licenced IP character to be added is Pinhead from Hellraiser. Hellraiser is a popular short story from Clive Barker that was adapted to the big screen and became a massive franchise with multiple sequels and spin-off comics.

In Dead By Daylight is an online game where you get to control killers who try to stop survivors from escaping the levels, and you can also play as the survivors. Pinhead comes with its unique special mechanics, allowing him to teleport to survivors using the Puzzle Box (in the movies it was used to summon the Cenobites) and summon hooks to slow down the survivors.

An oddity with this release is that Pinhead had voice lines when killing survivors or teleporting behind them. Still, those have been recently removed as, according to the developers, a few issues occurred with the voice line. Hopefully, they’ll be put back, as Pinhead is a bit of a mute without them.

The Pinhead DLC is now available, and Dead By Daylight is available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Stadia, Nintendo Switch and Mobile.

See the Pinhead trailer below:

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