Pinhead Might Be Joining Dead By Daylight

We are pretty sure you know him from Hellraiser, and since we have seen some exciting crossovers in Dead By Daylight, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Mr Pinhead, the leader of Cenobites, join the multiplayer title.


Behaviour Interactive‘s game has had a few guests so far. Let’s name them: Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, the Demogorgon (Stranger Things), Nemesis (Resident Evil 3), the Ghostface Killer (Scream), and Pyramid Head (Silent Hill 2). Quite an illustrious list.

While it’s not officially confirmed yet, Discord users have received a few sound files that hide the word HELL in them if analysed via a spectrogram. This was soon followed by the letters RAISE on Twitter. We are getting close to the Clive Barker-directed film there (which will celebrate its 35th anniversary next year). Is it a coincidence? No.

These moves were soon followed by a teaser video whose quality closely resembled a shoddy VHS tape recording. It featured a red flower blooming. If you know the film, you know what this means: in the original, the sadomasochistic Cenobites were summoned when it happened. (And the S&M theme is fitting: Pinhead’s looks are intentional; Hellraiser was initially planned to be called Sadomasochists from Beyond the Grave…) The text 1987 confirms it all: Hellraiser was released that year.

Pinhead likes to use hooks, which would fit the theme of Dead by Daylight. However, only those characters were tortured in the films, who opened the mysterious puzzle boxes. So, there might be some work to be done on this front for the developers.

Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to include Pinhead. Even though Hellraiser might not be one of the top-tier movies, the fact it got several sequels should underline how well-known the franchise is. We will not be disappointed if the devs nail (or pin down…?) Pinhead’s looks in Dead By Daylight.

Source: PCGamer

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