Tom Cruise has been left behind! He Was Beaten by Russian Filmmakers!

MOVIE NEWS – Although Tom Cruise did his best to be first in this film, he’s now definitely behind!


Tom Cruise will not be the first actor to shoot a film in space. Director Klim Shipenko, a lead actor, Yulia Peresild, and two astronauts will spend 12 days shooting under the stars for his new movie, The Challenge. On 5 October, they will take off in a Soyuz MS-19 spacecraft from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. From there, they will be guided into space and transported to a space station orbiting the Earth at an altitude of around 220 miles. It then announces “Action!”. Now we’re making movies in space, guys. That’s what I call commuting!

Director Klim Shipenko explains, “This film is based around the story of an ordinary man… A doctor who has nothing to do with space exploration and has never thought about it is offered a trip to the ISS… and save the life of an astronaut”. The film will also feature the astronauts’ pilot. “I won’t be the main character. Still, I have to find out how a film is made in such an unusual place as space,” said Commander Anton Shkaplerov.

Yulia Peresild said she had to learn to be her make-up and costume designer, the lead actress and only actress. “It won’t be on the same level as on Earth, but we’ll do our best. We are ready for it,” she said. He also had to learn fast at the spaceflight crash course at the Yuri Gagarin Astronaut Training Centre.

Can we all take that in for a moment? Mrs Peresild has been cast in a film set in space. This takes her stunt performances to a whole new level. When asked the inevitable question, she replies, “It’s a bit late to be afraid because we’ve come so far, we’ve got Baikonur ahead of us, and there’s a lot more (to come) and to be honest, there’s just no time to be afraid.” This is the answer. He left the press conference saying, “If you are afraid of wolves, don’t go into the forest”.

Klim Shipenko is best known for his comedy The Rich Man’s Son, about a spoiled and pampered man whose father deceives and now thinks he is living back in time as a peasant in a 19th-century village. This is the highest-grossing Russian film of all time. Something tells me that Mr Shipenko will be known for something much grander soon.

Source: Variety

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