PlayStation to buy up more game studios

The CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment has spoken about PlayStation‘s future expansion and merger plans. These are exciting times, and there is a lot of movement across the industry.


PlayStation has been actively expanding its in-house studios for some time now, with acquisitions such as Housemarque, the makers of Returnal, and just this month Firesprite, the makers of The Persistence. Studio acquisitions have always been a feature of the industry, and PlayStation is no stranger to them, and from the words of Sony Pictures‘ chairman, this is only the beginning.

Sony Pictures Entertainment CEO Tony Vinciquerra held a media conference, echoed by VGC. Among the questions asked was the possibility of more mergers, acquisitions and expansions in the film industry like we’ve seen in recent years. In response, Vinciquerra explained that film and television have probably peaked while video games are in a complete growth phase.



“The new growth area will be the video game business, and who better than Sony to be in a better position to do that business?” said Vinciquerra. The president of Sony Pictures said that there will be more mergers and acquisitions in the coming years and that video games will be the next expanding market after the well-established film industry. PlayStation also acquired Nixxes Software, a studio specialising in PC ports, earlier this year.

On the Microsoft side, Xbox has made its views clear. It is in line with Vinciquerra’s statements, expressing a clear desire for further expansion and further consolidation of the large group of in-house studios, which Phil Spencer defines as a “natural and healthy part of the industry”. The acquisition of Bethesda by Xbox was one of the most prominent signs of this new expansion and consolidation that Tony Vinciquerra spoke about. All signs point to big moves in the industry in the next few years, and PlayStation seems keen to be part of it, especially after acquisitions like Insomniac Games that have worked so well for them.

Source: VGC

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