PlayStation Showcase: The Starting Trailer Has Had A Ton Of References [VIDEO]

This short PlayStation Showcase video has many references, and you might not even remember the trailer itself, as the main course (the announcements) happened right after it.


The video featured many recognizable actors, including the recently-departed Michael K. Williams. On Reddit, there’s a list of references in the video that is barely over two and a half minutes long, and yet, it’s stacked with references that you may not even notice for the second time.

At 21 seconds, you can see a Hogwarts Legacy logo, as well as an InFamous Karma symbol, followed by Tekken at 27 seconds. At :32, the slime from Dragon Quest makes an appearance, together with a rough outline of what appears to be a Castlevania sprite. At 34 seconds, a Sonic ring appears, followed by a possible release window reference for Final Fantasy XVI at 0:38. It says Valisthea (the game’s world) 06:16, meaning the game might be available from June.

Pac-Man shows up at 40 seconds; then there’s a Sly Cooper logo at 00:58. Alan Wake makes an appearance at 00:59; then Final Fantasy VII Remake pops up at 01:03. Ryu’s glove’s symbols match those seen on the building at 01:13, hinting at Street Fighter; then, a Wumpa fruit sticker references Crash Bandicoot at 01:15. Deathloop is at 01:18, followed by Resident Evil 4 at 01:33 (as the Los Iluminados symbol is on the wall), together with Helldivers. Ace Combat arrives at 01:38, and there’s a Silent Hill 2 hint at 01:56. The radio on the guard’s desk looks similar to the one James used in the game.

There might be even more in the video. Also, a sidenote: Gran Turismo 7 will require an Internet connection for even the career mode or most game modes, so you are unlikely to play anything offline.

Source: WCCFTech

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