Midnight Mass Director Would Like to Make a Horror Video Game

Mike Flanagan repeats success on Netflix with his latest miniseries: Midnight Mass, and there are already those who dream of seeing him in the industry.


With the premiere of his latest series on Netflix, Midnight Mass, Mike Flanagan has established himself as one of the great masters of modern horror, an opinion that many fans of the video game industry seem to share who do not hesitate to ask him in social networks that lead production of the genre. The answer? I couldn’t be more enthusiastic. The director of Doctor Sleep would love it.

There is nothing serious behind these statements, but it is not the first time Flanagan has dropped his passion for video games. In this sense, and as they remember from GamesRant, in the course of an interview dedicated to Resident Evil: Village in June, he showed his interest in experimenting with the possibilities that the sector can offer when experimenting with stories of terror.

Now it only remains to imagine what a development led by the creator of several Netflix hits such as The Curse of Hill House and The Curse of Bly Manor could look like. However, it would not be the first time a critical film or television director made the leap to video games. For example, we have the cancelled Silent Hills, with none other than Guillermo del Toro joining forces with Hideo Kojima.

Horror video games are currently having a good time in the industry, either with interactive adventures like The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes or ambitious proposals on the technological plane like The Medium, to name two current examples. We also have a remake of Dead Space and The Callisto Protocol underway, set in the PUBG universe for the future, and moving on to space horror.

Concerning the Midnight Midnight Mass miniseries expect our review to be out soon!

Source: Mike Flanagan

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