What You Should & Shouldn’t Do on Your Computer

These days, people rely on computers, smartphones, and tablets a lot. Most people have a digital device, and almost everyone knows how to use these devices efficiently to get the benefits. However, when it comes to taking proper care of some devices, some people struggle, as they are not aware of the do-it-yourself steps for troubleshooting various issues.


In this article, we will explain some of the potential ways that will help you to use your device carefully. In addition, it mentions some common ways in which you are damaging your laptop or desktop computer unknowingly and unintentionally.


Install Anti-virus


Since you are connected to an internet connection regularly, your laptop becomes vulnerable to spyware and malware attacks. It seems difficult to keep an eye on every single click or download; however, you can protect your device by installing an antivirus application. 

Viruses can damage your system in several ways. A reliable antivirus tool can detect, block, and remove the malware from your system, which will eventually improve the device’s overall performance.


Keep Liquids Away



Do not keep drinks and food on your laptop table, as accidental spills can harm your computer and degrade its performance. Moreover, never eat snacks or meals while working on your laptop as the food particles can block the fan, leading to overheating and short circuits. It will influence the functionality of your computer, making it slow and sluggish.


Clean Laptop Regularly


Dirt that accumulates on your laptop and the keyboard can slow down the device resulting in sluggish performance. Clean up your laptop at regular intervals to ensure optimal performance. When it comes to cleanup, it is worth mentioning that internal cleaning of the device is as important as the external one. Clean your laptop’s fan, keyboard, air vents, etc., often to ensure nothing blocks its functionality. 


Avoid Over Charging



While working on the laptop, we usually do not realize that the device is charging for the last couple of hours. Keeping the laptop on charging for longer hours can damage the battery performance. It will also affect the battery life, and you will have to purchase a new one for your computer, which can be expensive. Make sure to remove the charger when your battery reaches the 100 % mark and plug the charger back in when the battery turns to the 20% mark.


Declutter Device Regularly


Disk cleanup is an important step to ensure proper maintenance of the device and keeping it functional. Getting rid of junk files, outdated applications, and unnecessary programs is one of the best ways to ensure the optimal performance of the device. 

For example, decluttering your macOS would help you to make more storage space on the storage media so that you can save useful data efficiently. If you want to know the potential ways to clean up your Mac, check out the link to get information on the MacBook drive cleanup.  


Defrag Drive Often


Defrag your system’s hard drive regularly to optimize its performance and make it work faster. If you experience delays in operations or your system is running slower than usual, you need to defrag the hard drive. 

The process will move related bits of data closer so that the new programs, files, and folders can load faster. macOS usually defrags the storage drive automatically when the system is idle, but you can perform it manually to ensure optimal functionality. 


Protect Your Display



When you shut down the laptop and put it on rest, make sure that there is nothing kept in between that can damage the screen. Sometimes small items like a pen, pencil, or earphone can scratch, harm, or break the laptop screen, and you have to spend money on its repair. 

While closing down the laptop, be gentle and do not do it forcefully as it can damage the display or the hinges. Also, when your laptop is closed, do not put any heavy items on it as it can cause damage to the device – both internally and externally.


Check Software Regularly


This is something very general, and most people should be aware of it, but we usually ignore the notifications and alerts about software updates. Agree? If you are among the users who postpone the software update or upgrade process just to save a couple of minutes that you would be spending on your device maintenance, then you need to take it seriously. 

Most operating system and software updates come with security patches that are important for the system’s overall health. So make sure you install the available updates regularly and on time. 

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