Is Ubisoft’s Project Orlando Not The Crew 2’s DLC After All?

The Streisand effect is in full effect: if only the French publisher stayed silent, then we wouldn’t talk about what Project Orlando would be…


Yesterday, we talked about how Ubisoft used a DMCA claim to remove a copy of the leaked, outdated, bogus name-filled Nvidia GeForce Now database from GitHub. This event only led to the Internet searching for clues regarding the four Projects tied to the French company’s name. However, since then, we got some clarification regarding Project Orlando.

According to new rumours, this name isn’t a front for some new The Crew 2 DLC, which makes sense. The game launched more than three years ago on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (and even the Google Stadia received a port in June 2020), but The Crew 2 isn’t a memorable game (underlined by its Metacritic score: on PlayStation 4, it stands on a 64 out of 100), so it didn’t get a lot of updates as say, Rainbow Six: Siege.

On Reddit, we see how The Crew 2: Orlando files seemed to hint at new content for Ubisoft Ivory Tower’s game (and there were a few images that got deleted since). However, DualShocker’s Tom Henderson stepped in, clarifying on Twitter that Project Orlando is going to be more than DLC: “The game is not The Crew 2 DLC. It’s currently dubbed “The Crew: Orlando” and is a completely new game with a new driving engine. Currently in pre-alpha [with] no set release date.”

He then added: “I’m not sure [if it’s a reboot or not]. From what I’ve heard, they weren’t happy with The Crew 2 are and just overhauling everything… So it‘s a possibility.” And the joke is that despite the name Orlando, the game wouldn’t be set in Florida! Instead, it might be located in Hawaii…

It’s not official yet.

Source: PSL

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