Them and Us: classic horror, in a castle, with fixed cameras

Them and Us: survive your inner evil in this old-fashioned horror game!


Horror tastes better when it’s old school, and if you’re a fan of classic survival horror, there’s something to get your attention. It’s Them and Us, an indie horror game that’s just debuted on Steam after more than seven years in development, and it draws directly from great classics like Resident Evil, combining exploration and puzzles, dark castles and fixed camera angles.

In Them and Us, we play Alicia, a young woman who survives a bus crash in a desolate part of the United States. Alone and wounded, with a mind scarred by a tragic life, Alicia is thrust into a world of nightmares and darkness, forced to fight for her life against the horrors that haunt her. Will Alicia survive this night?



With this premise, TendoGames‘ game offers us a classic adventure game in every aspect, from the use of fixed cameras to the linear storyline, puzzles and chilling visuals, as it befits a survival horror. All this is in a piecemeal mode when it comes to killing the monsters that lurk in our midst… If they don’t kill us first, of course…

It’s not the only ‘classic’ horror game to debut this month, with The Medium also arriving on PS5 in early September.

Source: Steam

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