Not even the main character in Deathloop got a PS5

Bethesda had to get the actor a PS5 because Jason Kelley, who plays Colt, couldn’t play the game he was starring in because he didn’t have a console. If only all our wishes could come true!


At the moment, it’s tough to find a PlayStation 5 console for sale. So much so that even the main character in Deathloop didn’t have one within reach to enjoy his adventure, despite the game being a console-exclusive PS5 game. A very odd situation, with an even more bizarre solution, given that Microsoft helped the star of his latest game get a PS5.

To be precise, Bethesda took matters into their own hands, but Microsoft has owned the company since March. Actor Jason Kelley took to his social media channels to thank Arkane Studios for the great reception of his latest game while asking for help in finding a console to play it on. “If anyone can get me a copy [of Deathloop] and a PlayStation 5, I would really appreciate it,” he said in the video.



In response, Bethesda VP Pete Hines came to his rescue, promising him a PS5 to enjoy his achievement. “I’ll probably find a PS5 for you to play with. You deserve the chance to play as Colt and enjoy your own incredible achievement.” A week later, the actor confirmed in a recent interview that Bethesda had surprised him with the console and a copy of Deathloop.



This is nothing more than a small but important point of interest, as it’s striking that even the actors in the latest games themselves have a hard time getting their hands on a next-gen console, even for exclusive games. No wonder the CEO of the Project EVE studio bought 260 PS5 consoles for all his employees as soon as the console was announced, given how difficult it can be for them to get one themselves. In any case, if you haven’t played Arkane Studios’ latest adventure, available on PS5 and PC, here’s our playtest of Deathloop.

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