Capcom Wants The PC To Be Its Main Platform

The Japanese company, Capcom’s goal is to make the PC its main platform over the PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch triumvirate. It won’t be easy.


Nikkei, a Japanese publication, reported about how Haruhiro Tsujimoto, Capcom’s chief operating officer, told them due to the Tokyo Game Show happening in the country how the company wants to achieve 50% of its sales on PC by 2022, or by 2023 at the latest, with the other half on the consoles.

Capcom announced that it’d be on Steam in January regarding the currently Nintendo Switch-exclusive Monter Hunter Rise. It’s still a reasonably large gap between the console and the PC ports (for instance, Monster Hunter World needed eight months in 2018 to make the jump), while other Capcom titles, such as Devil May Cry V or Resident Evil: Village, had simultaneous ports. (Eight months is still better than the YEARS Sony waits between PlayStation and PC!)

The reason why Capcom wants to emphasise the PC is one word: Denuvo. The DRM that causes more stress on older PCs (while also “calling home”) rarely gets scene (pirated) versions of games (which only have them disabled in them!), which often leads to them getting pirated only after Capcom gets rid of Denuvo. (Which is a welcome move, and it also applies to Codemasters who kicked the DRM out from F1 2020… will they do it with 19-16 as well?)

If Capcom’s new games don’t get a warez version quickly, many players might end up buying them (getting the free DRM as well). Still, in Resident Evil: Village, the DRM put on top of Denuvo (!?) led to bad performance even on powerful PCs. Empress’ crack of the game (which initially had missing animations) led to Capcom fixing the performance… Still, we can see why Capcom wants to focus on PC.

Source: PCGamer

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