Forza Horizon 5 Will be Accessible to Beginners Because They Want to Attract a Bigger Audience

According to Playground Games, this new Forza title: Forza Horizon 5 is much more than a simple driving game.


After watching trailers and videos with Forza Horizon 5 gameplay, the game gives the impression that it can point to a title dedicated to veterans of the franchise. However, Mike Brown, creative director of the title, shared a completely different opinion in a recent interview.

“What would you say to new players who want to try the title but fear that it will be too complicated for them?” asked the Spanish portal 3djuegos portal to Brown, and he replied that we will see many accessibilities within this title.

“I think the people who are not interested in playing Forza Horizon 5 are the ones who are not people of this genre and find it intimidating,” said Brown. “If the game is all about racing, they feel like they probably won’t enjoy it.”

Brown went on to say that once these people get a taste of the game, they will realize that Forza is not just such a title, but rather an adventure game where you control a vehicle. “One of our philosophies with the entire series is to make gamers into motorsport lovers and motorsport lovers into players.”

In keeping with this philosophy, Brown mentioned that a motorsports lover could start playing Forza and end up as a passionate fan of the series, joining the Xbox family in the process. For the opposite case, Brown reiterated the accessibility in this new title that, according to him, could be suitable for people from sagas such as Assassin’s Creed or Grand Theft Auto.

During the same interview, Brown also commented on some details about the game’s map, mentioning to us how necessary some changes were aimed at improving the overall design of the final product.

Source: 3djuegos

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