Nintendo Switch: Not Much Chance Of A Half-Generation Update

Slowly putting the Nintendo Switch Pro rumours to rest, the big N will not follow Sony and Microsoft’s previous-generation strategy (which they may yet do for the PlayStation 5/Xbox Series).


Previously, there were rumours that Nintendo would announce a new Nintendo Switch model this year. While this has happened, it has not been a release with more powerful hardware, but “just” an OLED model with a larger display and LAN-port dock (and meanwhile, the price of the base model in the European region has finally been cut). Where did the rumoured 4K version of the Nintendo Switch go? In theory, the latter is still in the works…

According to Nintendo insider NateDrake, it’s not gone: “Since the Bloomberg article came out, I’ve reached out to numerous contacts of my own to try to make sense of the information. […] I will no longer be referring to this as a “Switch Pro.” Based on the conversations I have had, it is clear this is new Nintendo Switch hardware, but it’s not clear how it’s going to be positioned.

I don’t know if it will be positioned as a Switch 2 or a revision, but moving forward, I’m simply going to refer to it as the Switch 4K. Because it does have 4K capability, and that is going to be achieved with DLSS. Those facts are solid, there is substantial evidence backing that information, and there’s no reason to anticipate that that is going to change anytime soon,” the big N’s insider said.

The problem here is that backwards compatibility will be difficult due to the DLSS-enabled hardware, but the Nintendo insider believes that the Japanese will solve this issue. There will also be new exclusives, mainly from third-party companies, which will focus on new hardware rather than the Nintendo Switch that launched in 2017. The new platform will allegedly launch between October 2022 and January 2023. So it could come 5-6 years after the original Switch… which sounds realistic.

It’s not official, though!

Source: WCCFTech

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