War Thunder Focuses On The Terrain With Its Update Trailer: Prepare For The Tanks

The developer shows a preview of the changes that will affect the vehicles that circulate on the surface.


War Thunder does not stop implementing elements that expand the possibilities of every player who loves war battles. After an update that added all kinds of content to the war game, Gaijin Entertainment has now focused on increasing players’ realism using tanks, which is shown in its first preview of ‘ Ground Breaking ‘, the next update of the game. Qualification.

In the short trailer published by the developer, a mechanic is revealed that could significantly hinder our performance when driving a tank: deformations on the surface. A set of alterations in the terrain will add more problems to the war, which translates into creating new strategies to solve all the mounds that will act as obstacles in our journey.

In this way, and with only a short trailer in which a group of tanks ready to shoot down their enemies is observed, we can already imagine that ‘Ground Breaking’ aims to improve the battles on the surface with mechanics that increase the tension of the combat. This will be in addition to other previously added aspects, such as new ground vehicles to test with the subsequent terrain alteration.

Therefore, those players who want to try the experience of driving a tank will be able to experience fantastic realism with War Thunder and its next update. And, although a release date for the new content has not yet been specified, we can still take advantage of the rest of the mechanics and air and naval possibilities that the game offers. If you are interested in Gaijin Entertainment’s war proposal, know that you can now play War Thunder for free, available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.


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