Former Quantic Dream Employee Wins Unfair Dismissal Case

After several years of proceedings against a former employee who had denounced the company’s practices, the Paris Court of Appeal has ruled in favour of the plaintiff.


After having been dismissed from its defamation lawsuit against Le Monde and Mediapart, Quantic Dream suffered a new legal setback before the Paris Court of Appeal last week. The French video game creator had been on trial since 2017 following the wrongful dismissal of a former employee.

After the plaintiff’s appeal following the Prud’hommes judgment in 2018, the Court of Appeal had been seized and thus partially agreed with her on 6 October, having not recognised any of the reasons justifying her dismissal, which had occurred just after the revelation of fraud, toxic corporate culture and dubious photomontages within the company.

Her claim for damages for the loss suffered as a result of the employer’s failure to fulfil its obligations was rejected, but her dismissal was nevertheless deemed to be “without real and serious cause”. On the website of the union Solidaires Informatiques, the former employee said she was “relieved and proud to have held her ground in the face of an attitude that could be described as disloyal, dishonest and intimidating in every way. No one is above the law.

Source: Solidaires Informatique

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