We Can Now Play Steam Games on Xbox Thanks to GeForce Now

Nvidia’s game streaming service is accessible through the Microsoft Edge browser, which allows us to play even PC games on our consoles.


With the help of Nvidia’s game streaming service, GeForce Now, more than 1000 titles have become accessible through Microsoft Edge. In other words, we can now run PC games on our Xboxes using a web browser through a cloud. Not too long ago, this would have been unimaginable, yet, now it has become real: Steam games have become accessible on Xbox, and we can also play games like League of Legends, DOTA 2, or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on our consoles. In addition, the service is practically free.

We get a one-hour long gaming session at a time, and all we need to do to reset the timer is to relog. We can play the games in 1080p, and we can also use a keyboard and a mouse to play. Xbox supports keyboard and mouse usage even in the case of games that were not developed for that. This may seem like a dream came true for many gamers, however, it might not be the very best to take this chance just yet, since during mouse usage there is a small latency, which might become a disadvantage with some games.

Apparently, there is a bit of a problem with accessing PlayStation games too. Users are especially perplexed about Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding, since the game appears to be inaccessible through the platform. It was only the Russian players, who noted to have this option. This bug may be fixed in the future, although it is still possible that there is some kind of agreement in the background that makes the game inaccessible on the service. You can further read about the topic in this article.

Apart from the minor problems, GeForce Now is constantly developing, so we can probably expect a better gaming experience in the future while using the service. In the near future, for example, there will be a new subscription that will allow even better graphics on our screens.

Source: TheVerge

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