Not Playing Far Cry 6 Enough?! Well, You’ll Get Sneered From Ubisoft By Email!

Ubisoft will automatically send emails to players who don’t spend enough hours in Far Cry 6.


If you don’t spend a lot of time in Yara, you might get an email from Ubisoft telling you off:

Surely you can do better than this“.

You’ll be marked for the amount of time you’ve played while Anton Castillo mocks you. People are not very happy, given that games are increasingly “designed to maximise engagement”.

They email you and harass you if you dare to stop playing,” said Brendan Sinclair, managing editor of, while sharing the email on Twitter. “It’s normal for people to stop playing if they’re not enjoying it“.

You might not have time to finish Far Cry 6 in a week, or you might be going slow, letting Yara’s fascist regime settle in. You might just not like it – whatever the reason, it’s OK to put a game down and take your time. Or even, it’s OK to leave it for good. If it’s not working, it’s not working – simple as that. However, Ubisoft is using a slightly more aggressive marketing strategy to get players to ramp up their playtime.

But you can’t get away with Ubisoft emails even if you do play – you’ll keep getting them one way or another. Other players report being sent their kill count and captured checkpoints, spamming their inbox with stats. But at least they’re not insulted for not playing.

Of course, you can unsubscribe from emails at any time, so Ubisoft won’t question how you spend your free time.

Source: Restera

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