Returnal: You Can Cheat With An Exploit!

Along with Bluepoint Games, the release of Returnal by Sony Interactive Entertainment has brought with it a much-needed loophole.


Returnal was the last game that Housemarque created independently (although even here, the Finnish studio had already received a lot of help from Sony). The PlayStation 5 exclusive surpassed the “blue’s” expectations, so Sony bought the studio. However, the game had a limitation due to the rouge-like genre: you couldn’t stop the game during a “cycle”, so you either completed the story or, if you quit, you lost your achievements in that cycle.

This approach was criticised by the public, which led Housemarque to implement a new feature, which allows you to suspend the cycle, so you can stop it if you have to go to work, for example, or if something comes up, then you don’t have time to continue the story. But this easing of the cycle also opens a loophole for players. This tweet from a video game journalist explains quite nicely how to make things easier for us if we don’t get the Return right.

You need to suspend your save in-game, then upload this save to the cloud. When you die, download that save from the cloud and start back at your suspension point. “I’ve gotta say — this method is singlehandedly getting me through Returnal. I know people are mad that I’m not playing it “the right” way, but I don’t have time to die and restart over and over continuously. I’m now enjoying it because of this, and I think that’s a positive thing,” Joseph Yaden added.

However, six months have passed since the release of Returnal, and perhaps this is why Housemarque hesitated to include this method in their game. Maybe this was an attempt to give the audience time to learn the correct style of play and thus give them an advantage over those who tried to play the story in a non-compliant manner. However, you need a PlayStation Plus subscription to have this method working!

Source: PSU

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