Bloodborne: The Demake Is Coming Soon! [VIDEO]

No, not a remake (one could rightly assume that…), but a demake: a Bloodborne fan project has turned into a serious backport.



The parenthetical remark in the previous sentence is legitimate since the letter D on the keyboard is a neighbour of the letter R. To be serious: we are talking about a DEMAKE. Bloodborne was released for PlayStation 4 in 2015 (and since then, there has been no PlayStation 5 remake or PC port, but it’s reportedly being worked on by Bluepoint Games, now part of Sony Interactive Entertainment; we wrote about this earlier), and FromSoftware’s game inspired one fan to imagine what it would be like on PS1…

The Bloodborne demake’s developer, Lilith Walther, has posted a new video on Twitter. In it, we see a comparison: the original Gascoigne scene running at the bottom, with the backport (also known as BloodbornePSX, which is not quite the proper term, as the PC is a more powerful platform than the PlayStation 4…) running on top, and, of course, the simulated CRT effects are also included. Fortunately, if you don’t like it, you can turn them off. In addition to these, the project also features low-polygon opponents (it’s an oxymoron, but whatever…) and a decent soundtrack.

The visuals aren’t the best, you might say, but remember, this was designed as a PS1 demake (the project lasts until you run into Father Gascoigne, and there will be extended areas with some extra post-finish content!), so the visuals are spot-on. When Sony’s console launched in Japan in 1994, there was no talk of eight-core processors and gigabytes of memory.

Oh, and as a bonus, Lilith Walther has also revealed, alongside the comparison video, that the PC demake of Bloodborne has a release date: three months after the video, shown in style during Halloween, the game will be released for free, meaning that Yharnam’s 32-bit version will be available on 31 January. And for those of you who know development, you’ll be able to dip your keyboard into the source code a few months later.

Source: PCGamer

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