It’s Unbelievable: Even More Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II Leaks!

Call of Duty: Vanguard, this year’s CoD, isn’t even out yet, and yet, we keep hearing more and more of the 2022 instalment.


Tom Henderson (now writing for VGC) claims that Task Force 141 (Shepherd, Soap, Ghost…) is returning in next year’s Call of Duty to fight the Colombian drug cartels. Its multiplayer will remake several maps from the original 2009 CoD:MW2, and there will also be a brand new map for the free-to-play Call of Duty: Warzone so that Activision Blizzard can keep the players hooked on it.

We previously wrote about leaks by RalphsValve, but he revealed further information about Infinity Ward’s game. According to him, the multiplayer will have an Extraction type mode, a Ricochet perk (which grants special ammunition that ricochets off of surfaces) and a Bounty Hunter Perk. The Field upgrades and Operators will return; there will be a Floor is Lava game mode, and Uplink mode, and a CQB-styled Hostage mode.

The returning maps include Favela, Terminal, Highrise, Shipment, and Quarry. The leaker also named several weapons. The assault rifles: MK47, DT MDR, Beretta ARX-160, and multiple AK variants. Sub-machine guns: MP5K, MP9, MP7, UMP45, Vz.61. Marksman rifles: Kel-Tec RFB, M110 SASS. Shotguns: SPAS-12, Savage M24. Pistols: AMT Hardballer, Beretta, CZ P-09. Sniper rifles: BFG-50, CheyTac Intervention. Lever action: Winchester 92, Browning BLR, Savage M99. The RPG-7 will be the rocket launcher, and there will be three knife types (Karambit, Butterfly Knife, Combat Knife).

The leaker claims the AI will be more realistic, more intelligent, and flexible. The game will build on immersion, explaining how our character will get tired or feel fear. Task Force 141 will try to infiltrate a safe house to gain intel on a drug lord in the first mission. Depending on choosing a direct or stealth approach, one of your team members will die. There will also be a decision whether you open fire on a group of people, including cartel members or… Colombian military police.

As always, keep in mind that none of this is confirmed, but there might be some truth in what we discussed if we see this many details.

Source: WCCFTech

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