Dubium Aims To Be Among Us With “Impressive” Graphics And More Customization Elements [VIDEO]

It will arrive in 2022 on PC, offering users the chance to escape from a space station with a traitor on board.


After the massive success of Among Us just a year ago, it was to be expected that little by little other proposals within the so-called social deduction videogames were taking shape and gaining popularity. Among them we find this week the launch of First Class Trouble for PC and PlayStation, while in 2022 Dubium will do the same, seeking to offer impressive graphics and other new gameplay features.

Thus, Dubium is presented on Steam as a multiplayer proposal for five players set in a space station, where five users have to work together to escape from the place. The problem? You can imagine, one of them will be a traitor with one goal: to sabotage and kill the rest without being caught.

The premise may be identical to the one seen in Among Us, but the whole package aims to be different. Mumo Studio, its team in charge, sells a visually appealing video game, with character modeling more along the lines of Fortnite as they recall from the portal The Gamer, allowing players to interact with the environment, explore and kill each other with beautifully animated cartoons.

Dubium has a configurable system of characters and devices so that each user can improve and change the skills of his crew member, as he plays and earns rewards, in order to adapt it to his style of play. Finally, several mechanics have been devised to make this title an ideal proposal for content creators, with options where your viewers can intervene.


Among Us will be updated soon

A few days ago we also learned about the new role that Among Us will introduce in its next update, the shapeshifter, one of the many new features that Innersloth is working on in order to offer new incentives to the community.

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