The New Game From The Creators Of Mafia 3 Has Been Cancelled, Leaving Millions In Losses

The Hangar 13 project, codenamed Volt, had been in development since 2017.


It’s never good to start the day with news like this, but it’s more common than we think in the video game industry. As announced by Jason Schreirer in Bloomberg, Take-Two has canceled the new game from Hangar 13, the studio known for being behind Mafia 3 and the most recent Mafia remake.

The information points out that the project was codenamed Volt, and would have been in development since 2017. In its second-quarter financial report, the company spoke of losses of $53 million in reference to “not continuing development of an unannounced title.” Now the pieces fit together better, and it seems that it would be this project that has caused that charge.

On the rumours regarding that, they were finding themselves developing Mafia 4, Schreier confirms that they were always false, except for some first approaches between 2016 and 2017. So the idea was raised, but finally, they would have taken another direction.

At a certain point, some kind of open-world title about Cthulhu was mentioned, but they are only rumours that we cannot confirm. Be that as it may, the reasons for the cancellation of the new Hangar 13 game are unknown, nor do we yet know for sure if the workers will suffer the consequences in the form of some layoffs.

As for the latest titles in the Mafia saga, the third instalment was somewhat disappointing if we echo the opinions of critics and the public. The remake of the first one, however, surprised us by bringing back the splendor of the original title with a remake that lived up to expectations.

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