Details From the New Game of Mafia 3 Developers Emergent

Its developer Hangar 13 is looking for an executive producer with experience in this genre.

A while ago it came to light that the creators of Mafia III were working on a new IP that promised to be surprising. There was little data to date about the genre of the video game or if it was going to be single-player or multiplayer. Now it can be said that the next Hangar 13 will be a sandbox or, failing that, a project with weight in the open world.

These inquiries come from the recent announcement the company has made looking for an executive producer, in his own words, “with experience in building open-world games and AAA sandboxes .” Despite rumours that the studio would be working on a Mafia 4 or a remastered version of Mafia 2, the new information changes the perspective somewhat.

The new game of Mafia 3 developers remains a mystery and the future of its star saga is in the air, from Take-Two Interactive they have ensured that official details will be revealed in the coming months. The truth is that despite having a remarkable history, Mafia 3 was heavily criticized for the level design and outdated graphics among other things.

As they have assured in the past since 2K, of which Hangar 13 is a subsidiary, the company is not afraid to take risks and this IP may have such an unusual nature that it attracts many people. Now at least we know that a totally unpredictable gender change can be expected in the new game of Mafia 3 developers.

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