Marvel’s Avengers: Spider-Man Finally Arrives In November With Patch 2.2!

It still looks like Spider-Man will be exclusive to PlayStation versions.



The long-awaited Spider-Man has finally been given an official release date for Marvel’s Avengers. The wall-crawling superhero will be available on 30 November, exclusively on PlayStation platforms. What’s more, his release will be accompanied by patch 2.2, which comes packed with lots of great content.

As promised, Spider-Man will come with his storyline. According to the official announcement, Peter Parker will help uncover a mysterious threat and team up with the Avengers to emerge victoriously. At first, Peter may seem to have trouble fitting in, but he will later make friends with Ms. Marvel and Black Widow.

Unfortunately, no trailer or screenshots accompanied the announcement. We don’t know whether the character’s inclusion in the game will be a minor addition like Hawkeye’s was or a more significant expansion, Black Panther-style.

Of course, there’s more to come beyond Spider-Man on 30 November, as all versions of the game will get a new 4-player Raid to fight Klaw. The maximum level will increase to 175, and you’ll now be able to upgrade your gear by recycling other, more powerful accessories.

Another new feature in this patch will be Shipments, which will act as loot boxes and contain around 250 cosmetic accessories. Fortunately, the developers have learned from the dissatisfaction with their microtransaction system, so these will not be sold as a pay boost for real money but will be available for purchase with in-game currency.

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