Call of Duty: Vanguard Uses Nazi Symbolism Boldly, But With Respect For The Rules Of Each Country

Sledgehammer Games understands the sensitivity of this issue, but Vanguard must be authentic in this area.



In a recent interview, Gerardo Garza, Lead Environment Designer at Sledgehammer Games, shared some of his thoughts on Call of Duty: Vanguard. Nazi symbolism is present in the game, and Garza also talked about approaching this sensitive topic.

“We wanted to approach it honestly,” Garza said.

“Every country has different regulations, but you’ll see the swastika where we felt it was necessary to depict it because it’s part of the story or historically important.”

Garza clarified that the Sledgehammer team’s position is that there is no need to fear Nazi symbols. However, they were also conscientious about respecting the standards of different countries.

For the lead developer, it wasn’t just important for people to learn about this chapter of the Second World War: he believes this kind of authenticity is key to the story of Vanguard, which he believes sets their latest creation above other war games.

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