How To Play Vaas In Far Cry 6: 12 Minutes Of Gameplay From The New DLC! [VIDEO]

The iconic villain of the third Far Cry becomes a playable character for the first time – beware, the gameplay video contains several SPOILERS!



Far Cry 6 recently surprised us with a crazy DLC featuring Vaas, the villain from the third instalment of the Ubisoft franchise. Now, thanks to IGN, we get a taste of the experience with 12 minutes of gameplay footage. However, a spoiler warning is in order as the video shows several key scenes that could reveal too much about the game’s plot…

The DLC is a roguelike experience (Spelunky, Hades) in which we finally get to play as the mad villain of Far Cry 3. We’ll have to make do with a simple pistol while exploring an island and – if we’re lucky – surviving the dangers lurking there. But the most significant threat will be Vaas’ own mind.

We will visit memorable locations and discover some of the secrets of Vaas’ past. Likewise, the enemies of the era will haunt us in this DLC. As you can see, this expansion is mainly for the veterans of the series, but nothing should stop newcomers from getting to know Vaas through this experience.

The Vaas DLC is available now and is the first of three DLCs confirmed for Far Cry 6. After visiting the mind of Vaas, we’ll focus on the Pagan Min from the fourth game and later on the Joseph Seed we met in Far Cry 5.

Source: IGN

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